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New Technologies

Our office employs the most advanced technologies available
to ensure your comfort and the best results.

Intraoral Digital Radiography: All radiographs are taken with digital sensors, providing instant viewing on our computer monitors while significantly reducing radiation levels compared to film-based x-rays. This technology also allows for secure electronic transfer of medical information to our patient’s co-therapists.

Operating Microscopes: Specialized operating microscopes are used during all phases of your endodontic treatment. Magnification and fiber optic illumination enable us to see small - often missed - details such as calcified canals and fractures.

Electronic Medical Record: Your endodontic treatment records and radiographs are kept in our secure computer system for both instant retrieval and remote consultation.

Rotary Instrumentation: These innovative instruments have revolutionized endodontics. They decrease treatment time by increased efficiency of cleaning and shaping the canal system. Because of their nickel titanium construction (a metal first used in the space industry), they are more flexible than traditional stainless steel instruments and follow even the most curved canals. This allows for more complete removal of bacteria and debris.

Electric Motors and Handpieces: These are used in conjunction with the nickel titanium rotary instruments. Electric motors offer specific control settings for both speed and torque compared to traditional air driven systems.

Apex Locators: This device enables the endodontist to electronically determine the tip of the canal system so that the whole length of the root is cleaned. The use of apex locators also often decreases the number of radiographs taken.

Ultrasonics: These aid in microscopic tooth refinements. Additionally, they are used in conjunction with irrigants to disinfect the canal system more thoroughly.